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Melody Musical Theater Group

Begin. Learn. Grow. Always Your Theater Home.



We're so excited about our brand new black box space!  Thanks to generous donations,

we were able to fulfill our dream of providing an adequate rehearsal space for our larger

summer productions while also expanding our season to included smaller shows performed

in our new theater.  Already successful venue for fundraising events and performances, we

are thrilled that we can be a part of the North Metro's creative spaces!  Check out rental

opportunities for your group here.

About our Program


Since our launching in 2017, MTG has provided a comprehensive theater experience for kids of all ages in North Metro Denver. Growing in both number of campers, volunteers, and paid volunteers each year, we are heading into our 7th year expecting that this will be our most impactful year yet. As a valuable part of a broadening community, we expect more interest than ever!

More Than Acting


For Melody Musical Theater Group, participation is only the beginning. Along with making new friends, singing and dancing and acting, building and sewing and creating, and enjoying the beginning of summer being engaged in the arts, we provide our campers with tools for life outside of the script. Our campers grow as more confident individuals through daily encouragement in a safe and comfortable space, allowing them to flourish in their potential beyond the stage. We wholeheartedly believe that our organization provides this experience for every camper who walks through our doors — thus, the “comprehensive theater experience” part of our mission.  

What is Theater Camp?

Theater camp is an intensive musical theater camp during which campers produce a Junior or Full version of a musical.  All students who register get to audition and are then offered a role in the show.   

We're excited to offer two options for this camp this year!  Our younger performers (ages 5-12) will learn from our older performers in our first ever Production Staff Apprenticeship Program.  Under the direction and guidance of our Artistic Director, older members will have the opportunity to apply for and fulfill production staff roles while guiding and directing our younger members during their day camp programs. This model speaks to our mission as both the younger actors get the opportunity as larger roles and the older performers not only get to put on a full show during their own camp, but also explore their role while teaching and engaging with younger, less experienced actors.  

Founder/Director: Chelsey Hanel

Naturally drawn to the performing arts, Chelsey Hanel has been involved in theatre since age 7 — and even directed her first musical at age 12.  She has worked with students from grades 1 to 12 as an elementary teacher, high school teacher, piano instructor, choir director, theatre and musical director, and summer camp leader.  


Where does she get the energy to do all that?  Maybe it comes from growing up in a large family (she has 7 siblings, and is smack dab in the middle).  Maybe it comes from her mom who was a primary grade teacher and loved directing school productions and still inspires her to this day.  Maybe it comes from her own 3 girls and her amazing husband who helps her stay balanced and sane through the busy times.


But wherever it comes from, what students and parents notice most about Chelsey is her compassionate grit — she pushes herself and others to try hard even when it's not comfortable, but also coaches and encourages them every step of the way.


And while Chelsey has fond memories of her own theatre experiences in school, like every actor/actress she also has had moments of disappointment when her desired parts went to others.  She credits these experiences as some of her best training — the times where she learned all about the backstage (costumes, makeup, set building) because she didn't get a part in the play and where she learned how to coach her own students when they face disappointments and need to develop their own growth mindset.


Chelsey has a B.A. in Education with a minor in Music Education as well as a Masters in Secondary English Education.  On the weekends you may find her playing organ at her church or giving lessons to students at her Music Studio (check us out HERE).  During the week she balances her time teaching, growing her businesses, and partnering with her husband as they raise 3 amazing kids.

Want to chat with Chelsey about the upcoming season and if MMT is a right fit for you?  Schedule a 15 minute phone chat below!

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